1. goldenwebs:

    tip for 6 year olds: dont do TOO well in elementary school, your parents will expect those 5 years of grades for the majority of your school life

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    What an inspiration

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  3. constantlyheartbroken:

    I say I want to be skinny yet I am always eating. I say I want good grades yet I procrastinate until it’s too late. I say I don’t want to be alone as I put my headphones in and never talk to anyone. I say I want to be a better and happier person as I sit here and count all the ways I hate myself.

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  4. amberwaves0fgrain:

    Hey new cover of Life Support by Sam Smith. He’s such a freaking beast that it upsets me but I still love his music. There are bloopers of me being dysfunctional at the end to show that I’m not the poised girl you usually see. I hope you love it! Please comment, share, and subscribe. Thanks! <3


  5. angryseawitch:




    still upset that the films never acknowledge that Peeta loses a limb in the first arena and goes through the Quarter Quell with a prosthetic leg

    or that Katniss has suffered permanent hearing loss in one of her ears and now requires a hearing aid

    or, you know, the Avoxes

    because, you know, why show disabled people doing things

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  6. ideas for oitnb season 3


    • in the middle of a scene piper kerman descends from the ceiling on a zipwire wearing an array of sequined garments
    • she is carrying two machine guns and when she fires them they shoot out fireworks in the colours of the bi pride flag
    • she screams loudly ‘BISEXUALS EXIST’ before blackflipping over pornstache’s head and out of the nearest window
    • larry’s character is replaced by the chicken from season one incorporated seamlessly into his role with no explanation

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    What if people who have anxiety are just unaccustomed to the way the world works because this is the first incarnation of their soul on the earth? And confident people are at ease with the world because they have already been incarnated multiple times and, in a sense, already know how the world works.


    What if it’s the other way around?

    I don’t know which disturbs me more.

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  8. jarulest:

    women: *are killed, beaten, raped, and put down constantly for hundreds of years just for being women*

    woman who is also a feminist: *cracks a joke about men on the internet*

    men: ”see this is the problem with feminism it promotes hate speech they’re no better than sexist men why can’t i punch women in the face and why does the guy have to pay on dates #equalitarianism”

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  9. bigbardafree:

    you know that stage you went through where you hated being a girl and you just resented yourself and everything having to do with girly things because you were so sick of pink and barbies being pushed on you so you like full force rejected that shit and you were just so full of hate and vitriol at anything even the slightest bit “girly” yeah gender norms will fuck you up

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    This is important


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